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Everybody wants to go faster than the competition. Whether that’s during the weekly bike ride on a Sunday morning or during a match abroad. Everyone wants to show they’ve got what it takes. Unfortunately that doesn’t just happen. To ride hard, you’ve got to exercise hard. By maximizing your available time you not only achieve your goals faster, you do it within less time. Doesn’t that sound ideal?

Bike Physics can help you with that! With the scientific knowledge we have available today, the technical resources like the heartbeat and powermeter, combined with our practical experience it is possible to go that extra mile. Wondering how much you have to put in? That all depends on you! The more energy you put in, the greater the outcome!

Because we offer 3 unique ways to workout, there is always one that is right for you. Every type of workout goes well with Trainingpeaks. This online program allows you to easily view your progress and schedule. As well as easily uploading your training data. Trainingpeaks works well with Garmin Connect, Wahoo and lots of other platforms to upload your workout data. By utilizing these tools, you the user can now easily view and make adaptions within your training schedule. Check out your options below.

Full-time coaching

Do you want to?

  • Get the best of you
  • Explore the possibilities of your own body
  • Dream of perhaps going pro

Then Full-time coaching is the right plan for you.
With frequent checkups, a day by day training schedule and a systemic approach the way to the top is paved out! Ideally for racers, semi racers and serious sport addicts! Having weekly contact we can easily adapt and alter your schedule to your needs. Your online Trainingpeaks account plays a crucial role here. It holds your schedule for the upcoming 3 weeks together with a year plan that is set up. By extracting your data into Trainingpeaks your training can get analyzed even better.

What can you expect of Bike Physics?

  • Determining your current position and setting goals for the next period in time
  • Creating a year plan
  • Online premium account with Trainingpeaks to analyze and communicate your progress
  • Weekly contact regarding training, physical condition and if needed, races.
  • Free Retul Dynamic Bikefit

Costs for the Full-time Coaching plan are € 100,- per month.

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Do you want to?

  • Add more structure to your workouts
  • Getting professional help achieving your goals in cycling
  • Receiving feedback regarding your training

Then Part-time Time coaching is the ideal plan for you. With a schedule of 3 weeks, you work in a structured manner getting in shape. Every 3 weeks we will meet up to discuss your previous progress and if the new schedule suits your needs. By saving your workout data online communicating becomes easy and effective.

What can you expect of Bike Physics?

  • Determining your current position
  • An online account with Trainingpeaks to analyze your progress
  • A detailed schedule with easy to use instructions
  • Every 3-week checkup to discuss previous and upcoming workout

Costs for the Part-time Coaching plan are € 50,- per month.

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Training advice

  • Do you want guidelines to train well?
  • A professional opinion on your current workout?
  • A mirror to reflect?

Then our training advice is something for you.
Together we will review your goals and how to achieve these and will discuss how to get there. By distinguishing the types of workouts available, the endlessly going in circles is now over! Ideal for everyone who enjoys cycling casually without any schedules, but with an appetite to improve!

What can you expect of Bike Physics?

  • Determining your current position and goals
  • A structured way of training towards your goals

Costs for this package vary and will be determined when going in for an introduction.

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